Detroit techno pioneer Kevin Saunderson has shared a health update with his fans via social media. The legendary DJ has confirmed that his COVID-19 test has come back positive. 

Though the test has confirmed that Saunderson has been sick with the novel coronavirus, after experiencing flu-like symptoms over the course of the past 14 days, Saunderson remains in good spirits and has assured fans that he's feeling much better than he did before. 

His plan to recover is perfectly in tune with what the CDC's self-quarantine recommendations have suggested; Saunderson will remain at home, in self-isolation, drink lots of fluids, and consume healthy and vitamin-rich foods. 

The Detroit legend remains optimistic about the future and is looking forward to carrying on with business as usual once the global pandemic declines and regulations are reset to normalcy. In the video, he stresses the importance of following CDC and government regulations to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

“Be safe to everyone out there. Do take it seriously, wash your hands, cleanse everything around you," says Saunderson. “I feel fine and I’m just going to stay within my home, my bedroom, and keep relaxing. Drinking plenty of fluids, putting vitamins in my body, eating healthy.”

H/T: Mixmag