The brainchild of music producer Joachim Garraud, LAGOODVIBE is a  mobile recording studio on wheels. Drawing inspiration from picturesque locations around the Southwestern parts of the United States, the mobile studio provides access to more than 50 recording hot spots in California, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada.

The custom 36-foot Fleetwood RV is fitted with every amenity necessary for a quality studio session. In addition to a host of other amenities including a dedicated vocal booth and mixing desk, they also provide a personal driver and organic meals onboard. Sound of LAGOODVIBE is powered by a special partnership with FOCAL including SOLO6, SUB6, 300 ICW8, IBUS 2.1 and other custom design speakers. The RV can also transform into sleeping quarters while on the go accommodating up to four members in addition to the driver.

With onboard amenities galore, in addition to the obvious ones like a mixing desk, a vocal booth and a DJ booth, there is also a dedicated drum recording booth in the rear and multiple zones for audio and video broadcasts. Some of the other key additions to the long list of onboard features also include free WiFi, custom audio setups for each individual project, as well as special partnerships with studio instrument rentals.

Doing their part for the environment, the low energy consumption vehicle is 100% powered by solar panels sitting atop. They have also partnered with Clear Sky Climate Solutions on a carbon offset program by taking an initiative to compensate for its carbon dioxide emissions by purchasing carbon offsets certificates investing in planting trees. 

Hailing originally from France, Joachim Garraud now resides in Los Angeles and has spent a lot of his time discovering the Southwest part of the U.S. Drawing inspiration from his travels, he decided to launch a mobile recording studio that could reach the most picturesque locales of the region. Over his 25 years in the industry, Garraud has worked with such big names as David Bowie, Beyoncé, David Guetta and Jean-Michel Jarre