Influential DJ and tastemaker of the Manchester music scene, Dave Booth, has passed away. A cultural icon of the Manchester club landscape, Booth crafted a memorable multi-decade career and left a lasting legacy. His cause of death is not yet known at the time of writing.

Longtime fans and colleagues recognize Booth's impactful history of performances. The veteran DJ, who had the enviable collection of over 5,000 albums on vinyl, was known for his encyclopedic-like depth of knowledge and unbridled passion for dance music. In 2018, Booth suggested that he'd collected every record he heard in Pips Disco, where he had held a residency.   

Dave Booth also DJed at an iconic 1990 Spike Island concert, where he supported famed English rock bad The Stone Roses. The event played a significant role in the "Madchester" era, a cultural movement characterized in part by the blending of alternative rock and dance music culture.

Tributes from Booth's colleagues have been pouring in, including Peter Hook, co-founder of New Order and Joy Division. Hook had previously occupied a residency in Ibiza with Booth and shared kind words about the late DJ, stating, "We shared a massive love for Pips & all the music that came from it. I did a residency with him in Ibiza too - he was so nice & humble. I will miss him."

Our deepest condolences go out to the family and loved ones of Dave Booth.