The fallout from a social media blunder has cost Levitation Jones an upcoming gig. The Rhode Island DJ/producer (real name Brian Garner) asked his fans for illicit substances via Twitter before Atlanta venue Aisle 5 asked him to remove the tweet. Today, he revealed that the venue's management removed him from the lineup altogether.

"I'm a recovering addict and huge advocate for safe and responsible drug use," read a post to the Levitation Jones Facebook page. "We live in a society where D.A.R.E. failed as a program. Open communication is the solution to our substance abuse crisis."

Garner went on to explain that although that his request was meant as satire, it put Aisle 5's management in a position of liability. What he described as "An 'if an incident DOES happen, the law will view it as negligence' type of scenario" led the venue to cancel his performance.

Mystic Grizzly will still perform at Aisle 5 tomorrow, November 10th as planned and an optional refund will be issued to all presale ticket holders. Levitation Jones is looking for a substitute venue in Atlanta at the time of writing.

Image credit: Wook Vision Media