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Ableton recently announced their latest and greatest, the Live 10. We did a whole piece on "whats new" when the announcement broke.

Now, there has been some debate recently going on the internet regarding if Live 10 is worth upgrading for. Some producers on different forums are telling why you shouldn’t make the move and how you can do everything that’s new in the current version. While you definitely can figure out a work around to replicate the new features, but we don’t think that is worth the hassle. These are the 6 reasons we think you should upgrade to Live 10.

1. Design

When you’re looking at the same thing again and again, everyday, things sure can get boring. Looking at same color combination, same text etc won’t really affect everyone but for some it might get really irritating. The new version comes with a flat and minimal design, the text is different, the way midi clips, midi notes and audio clips get colored is different etc. Though it might feel like a small step for some people but for some, it can bring in huge amount of change (in a good way obviously.

ableton 10 design

2. Capture Everything

As we mentioned in our what’s new article, Capture has to be one of the most exciting feature that Live 10 has to offer. This is how it works. Suppose you’re jamming something really crazy but forgot to turn on the record button and even if you try again you just are not able to replay the same thing, well, Capture has got you covered. In LIve 10, even if you forget to hit the record button, just press the capture button once you’re done playing and whatever you played will get turned into midi immediately, then from there you can make tiny adjustments and modifications as you like. (sounds exciting. right?

3. Enhanced Workflow

Now here we can argue if you want to save some time or not. The new version introduces a new automation mode, so if you are a fan of how Logic handles its automations, you’ll be really happy with this. Not only that but the automation points can now snap to grid, so you no longer have to keep on zooming and moving the point or selecting a block then clicking 2-3 times to get the automation on point. In addition, you can also edit multiple midi at once and also zoom the audio clips without even opening them. Every small improvement like this can add a lot to you workflow.

ableton 10 workflow

4. Group in a Group

The new version also includes the ability to group multiple groups and this has been requested for so long by the Live users. While this definitely calls for some creative routing possibilities, simple workflow and neatly organising the project, but, this is something you can achieve in Live 9 too by using a bus. Just make a new audio track and send all the groups you want to process into that audio channel and turn the I/O of that audio channel to IN. Only thing is that you have to do too many steps instead of just a simple Cmd/Ctrl+G in Live 10. This for sure is a welcome change.

5. Don’t Lose Anything

This will bring a smile on faces of so many people. In addition to Capture, this sure is something you’ll appreciate. Like in Live 9 if you accidentally Save a project, you can’t really go back. But now even though if you save any changes, you’re undo history will remain intact so even if you hit save, you can go back. Also Live 10 keeps on making backup versions so you can, literally time travel through your project. This sure sounds exciting.

6. Render MP3

Now this isn’t anything major, but sure can save some time. Now not only can you render a WAV/FLAC/AIFF file but simultaneously render MP3 too. This is great as one time render will give you both the compressed and uncompressed audio files.

We sure think all these new features in Live 10 makes it worth the upgrade.