Do you want to be the very best? Like no one ever was? Well, we have some bad news for you: unless you have a spare $226,000, you probably won't top Logic's Pokémon card collection. 

Over the weekend, the now-retired artist shared photos and a video of a $23,000 box of unopened Pokémon cards he purchased. In the spread, you can see a number of characters, including the Pokémon card community's white whale, Charizard. For those unfamiliar with the pop culture phenomenon, Charizard is widely considered the rarest and most sought-after card out there.

Check out the video below in which Logic pulls the card for the first time and loses his mind.

While that alone is better than most collections, Logic took things a step further with his staggering $226,000 purchase. It's being reported that he dropped what most people make in ten years on a single Charizard card. Now you may be wondering, "Didn't he just open one of those in his video for far less money?" While that is correct, this card is special due to its certification and it being a first edition release. 

Collectible cards are sent to the Professional Sports Authenticator, where they are graded based on their condition. The card that he reportedly purchased was a perfect PSA 10 grade on their scale, making it the most expensive Nintendo collectible ever sold. You can read more about the purchase tied to Logic in a post shared by popular trading card publication Cardhops.

Source: Stereogum




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