Ahead of its ninth year, Lucidity Festival stands on the precipice of a changing world. This year's theme, Regeneration Earth, has been a timely one considering the rise of eco-minded movements a la Greta Thunberg and raging infernos in the Amazon and Australia, not to mention those a short drive from where the festival is held in California. For art aficionados in Santa Barbara, it’s a microcosm of creativity - and for festies, it’s a chance to dig into some lesser-known but lovable beats.


One of the most inspiring details to receive attention this year is the array of hard-hitting female talents set to steal the stage in April. Acts like Gabrielle Watson are a prime example of the waves Lucidity will make this year from its enrapturing five stages. Known onstage as A Hundred Drums, she’s a dominator onstage and an educator of female producers off of it. Her potent personality and tireless technique have also contributed to her fast-growing reputation for constantly raising the proverbial bar.

From Canada, Andrea Graham - better known as The Librarian, and as a co-founder at British Columbia’s famed Bass Coast Festival - will deliver rich bass, scintillating grooves and a touch of funk all from her eternally deep catalogue of knee-rattling jams.

Next on the docket is the famed maven of Southern California’s mythic Full Moon Gatherings, Dela Moon. As a leading purveyor of the most iconic drum and bass and a technophile through to the core, Dela is a veritable iron chef behind the decks with the most delectable recipes.

For those into that dark space techno, Tara Brooks will be a true delight. Her unadulterated dynamism at festivals like Desert Hearts and Dirtybird Campout has become a staple of her career, and the way she commands the dance floor is enough to kick the shy mannerisms and staunch reservations right out of a pair of shoes.

Rounding out these picks is the exceptional ill-ēsha, who as a producer, MC and vocalist brings a flurry of personal talent in tow. If you came to dance, missing her set won’t be an option. In fact, her performances blend future bass with electronica and soul in what are frequently some of the most talked-about performances wherever she goes.

Tickets are available on the Lucidity Festival Website.

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