Stuffed Puffs' first commercial plant in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania will be coming to life next summer. The facility's ribbon cutting ceremony was attended by none other than Marshmello himself, a stakeholder of the confectionary business. 

Photo Credit: Josh Moser for The Morning Call

Photo Credit: Josh Moser for The Morning Call

Mike Tierney, founder of Stuffed Puffs, was persistent in pursuing Marhsmello, whom he believed would be the ideal marketing partner for the chocolate-stuffed marshmallow product. Stuffed Puffs are being pitched as an ideal s'mores solution since the marshmallow will produce a melted chocolate-filled center when roasted over a fire. 

Marshmello's manager, Moe Shalizi, spoke on Marshmello's behalf at the ceremony calling the partnership "the most organic connection for a guy named Marshmello.”

Shalizi took to Instagram to mention the new plant is expected to create upwards of 100 new jobs. The plant is expected to be up and running by next summer and shipping to national retailers such as Walmart shortly thereafter.