Fans of Marshmello were left scratching their heads after the masked EDM superstar deleted all of his Instagram posts earlier in the week. Typically when an artist does this, it's in preparation for a big announcement. Sure enough, that was exactly the case. To start off the week with a bang, Marshmello has officially unveiled his next big venture, the Into The Melloverse Tour

Announced across his social media channels, the short teaser video shows a digital version of 'Mello entering a hovercar with the words "Joytime" and "Into The Melloverse" appearing on the car's display. While some have speculated that this means a new Joytime entry is on the way, the short video ends with the name of the tour on screen and does not mention the album series again. 

This news comes just days after he released his scorching bass collaboration with SVDDEN DEATH, "Crusade." This marked his first release of 2020 and his second with SVDDEN DEATH (real name Danny Howland) after they joined forces for "Sell Out" last year. 

Marshmello has teased the date March 2nd, 2020 and many are expecting a follow-up announcement on that day. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming Into The Melloverse Tour.