Martin Garrix's sacrifices in the name of stage presence include injuries in both legs as revealed in the most recent episode of The Martin Garrix Show. While he was still in an ankle cast from his first jumping-related injury, severe pains in his other shin apparently forced him to stop jumping altogether during a performance leading up to his Tomorrowland 2019 appearance.

In an interview segment, Martin Garrix (real name Martijn Garritsen) pointed to a spot on his left shin that became tender. He said that during one show the pains started as soon as he began jumping to the first drop, and forced him to stop jumping altogether 40 minutes in.

Garritsen's comments highlighted his dedication to showmanship, as he expressed concerns that fans might worry about and be distracted by his shift in energy. Festival performances call on artists to make bigger onstage movements so fans further back in the audience can still feel their stage presence. 

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The episode also shed light on the production gymnastics that went into Garritsen's Tomorrowland 2019 stage show. Despite it being the biggest setup ever allowed of his team by the festival's organizers, Production Manager Bert Kelchtermans said they were able to piece it together in only 20 minutes.

Garritsen's team began laying down soft mats behind the booth during his shows to lessen impacts. Future episodes of The Martin Garrix show may reveal if his pains persisted after Tomorrowland, which took place in July of 2019.




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