We've previously gone over how seriously Martin Garrix takes his stage presence, and it turns out the Dutch superstar is equally fastidious in the studio. The Martin Garrix Show shed light on his collaborative process with Dean Lewis on "Used To Love" earlier in Season 4, but the finale has shown that the song was far from finished at that point.

During an interview segment in the 13th and final episode, Lewis explains that Martin Garrix (real name Martijn Garritsen) kept on changing things after they'd reached a stopping point. "He's crazy - in the best possible way," the Australian singer/songwriter said. "He keeps changing things, and at first it can be jarring because you go, 'Oh but it's so good' - but what happens is that every time he pushes for you to do more and change it, it becomes better and better and better."

In the episode, Lewis and Garritsen crossed paths at Lollapalooza Berlin, the final stop on the latter artist's summer tour. Closing out the fourth season of his series on a high note, he performed to a crowd of thousands at Olympiastadion, where the gathering was held.

More recently, Garritsen wrapped up shows at DAER Nightclub in Hollywood, Florida and OMNIA Nightclub in Las Vegas on the same day. Next, his tour will take him to RedFestDXB in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on February 6th, 2020.


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