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A long-awaited collaboration between Martin Garrix and Zedd may finally be on the horizon.

The two dance music superstars have been toying with their fans on social media in the last few days, sharing a number of agonizingly contextless clips recorded during recent studio sessions.

In an Instagram Story shared on November 2nd Garrix offered a brief glimpse into the song's project file, which revealed a BPM of 128. Ergo, a house track is likely in the works.

They went on to share another clip yesterday, revealing a preview of the song's audio—if you can even call it a preview. Watch here:

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Speculation first began back in December 2019, when Garrix and Zedd were in Indonesia. The latter took to social media to open the floodgates of the rumor mill with a tweet that read, "ANYONE DOWN FOR A ZEDD x @MARTINGARRIX COLLAB?!

Garrix then poured gasoline on the rumors in February 2020, when he confirmed the collab in an interview.

"[Zedd and I have] sent all these ideas back and forth, but when we’re together we always end up partying or chilling, or exploring the city we’re in," the Dutch EDM superstar said at the time, calling one particular demo—which Zedd decided to work on—"so weird and different."

We're unable to confirm if a release is imminent, but fans can find solace in the not-so-candid videos, which could signal some sort of rollout plan. We'll keep you in the loop.






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