Miami's Club Space is Reopening This Weekend—But You Can't "High-Five Strangers" - - The Latest Electronic Dance Music News, Reviews & Artists

As bars and nightclubs across the globe continue to flounder due to the convoluted and often nebulous reopening process, one famed Miami venue is reentering the fray.

Club Space has announced that it will reopen this weekend with stringent guidelines and rules in place to ensure the safety of its patrons amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The announcement arrived after governor Ron DeSantis moved forward with the third phase of his reopening plan for the state of Florida, which allows bars and nightclubs to resume operations. With regards to their reopening, Miami New Times reports that Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos A. Giménez instated an 11PM curfew, mandatory facemasks, and capacity limits, among other restrictions.

Club Space shared a number of guidelines they plan to enforce in order to maintain social distancing and ensure a safe clubbing experience. Attendees must submit to temperature screening upon arrival and wear a mask at the door and when moving throughout the venue. They may only remove their mask when in their reserved zone. There will also be no dance floor, and tables will be splayed throughout the terrace and loft spaces.

Organizers have also urged patrons to avoid contact, asserting that it's not yet safe "to high-five strangers." They also implored clubbers to "control [their] excitement" and practice distanced methods of greeting, such as "a wave, a smile, a wink, jazz hands, etc." No word yet on whether or not we are allowed to blow a kiss.

"We are trying our best to do something that will feel natural," said Coloma Kaboomsky, one of Club Space's partners. "We are adding a ton of different plants to the terrace of all sorts — it will feel like 'Jurassic Terrace,' almost. We are also activating the loft. So the terrace will be a Jurassic jungle meets hippie market, and the loft, since it's darker and has industrial vibes already, we are going to do something psychedelic there."

Club Space will be the first large-scale venue in Miami to reopen since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent shutdown. Famed house music duo The Martinez Brothers are set to kick off the reopening this weekend. You can read a full list of the club's COVID-19 guidelines below.


Source: Miami New Times