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In an annual study done by MIDINation, data shows how it long it took for the top 30 grossing musicians to earn the annual salaried income for several different household jobs. 

MIDINation investigated how long it took for stars the likes of Calvin Harris and The Chainsmokers to earn the equivalent of a minimum wage income, an annual musician's income, and more. The results put their staggering wealth into perspective. 

It takes Calvin Harris just two hours and forty-five minutes to make an annual minimum wage income (defined as $15,080/yr). It also takes him just short of nineteen hours to make an average software developer's annual income ($103,560/yr). Either way, it's plain to see Calvin Harris is making more in a single day than the majority of the population does in a year. 

Calvin Harris is just one example, and even he is not in the top 10 grossing musicians of 2018. The full infographic covering all top 30 grossing artists and how they stack up can be seen below. 

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Another takeaway that may surprise viewers is the breakdown of the top 30 grossing musicians by genre. Unexpectedly, rock musicians including U2 and The Eagles take 10 of the top 30 spots. Meanwhile, the electronic music genre falls dead last with only 2 artists represented in the top 30. Despite being a dominant force on the radio and in the festival circuit, few electronic artists achieve earning potential of legacy acts in the rock and pop music worlds.

Check out MIDINation's eye-opening infographic below, and read their full analysis here.



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