Mija (real name Amber Giles) is here to prove you really can speak things into existence. Last year it was her resolution to play more instruments and start a band. As she gets ready for 2020, the Phoenix-born artist took to her socials to announce that her intention became a reality because her band will be joining her onstage as she travels across North America. 

mija(live) is due to be her most fluid tour yet. The band made an appearance for the first time ever during the more brief Band Practice tour in 2019. It looks as if the practice is over and she's ready to begin another step forward in her career. 

Giles has always pushed the boundaries when it comes to her music, never wanting to fit into a single category as evidenced by her Fk A Genre tour and promotional brand. Recently her style has seemed to direct her towards a more moody, melancholic electronic sound but with the addition of a band, we may be getting a different type of performance than we are used to. One thing you should expect to hear are some covers.  

To learn more about mija(live) head over to her website and purchase tickets here. The tour kicks off February 27th, 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Turf Club


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