Mixcloud has launched a new feature on its platform that will support live-streaming capabilities for PRO subscribers.

The new feature, called Mixcloud LIVE, comes at a time when artists are increasingly flocking to digital mediums to perform and connect with audiences. The launch of the platform is part of Mixcloud's broader New Systems initiative, which seeks to support the artist community during the ongoing pandemic.

Last year, Mixcloud launched their SELECT feature providing creators with the ability to create a monthly revenue stream through subscription incentives. In an effort to ensure 100% of the funds reach the channel creators, Mixcloud is waiving their share of the revenues for three months. 

There is something for Mixcloud listeners to celebrate, too. Mixcloud has stated they are providing new PRO subscribers with a 90-day free trial for a limited time.

Speaking about the launch, Mixcloud C-founder Nico Perez stated, “We hope that Mixcloud LIVE brings a little more fun—and maybe some dancing—into your home. Particularly at this time when the world is socially distant, and we all need to feel a bit closer."