Musicians' lives get very hectic. Managing tours, releases, working on music, and social time is definitely not something that's easily accomplished. However, with those accomplishments comes a great deal of stress. A recent study done by University of Westminister and MusicTank of 2,211 industry professionals yields some interesting results. The study was conducted in two phases.

Before we dive in, MusicTank and the University of Westminister found that:
∙ 71.1% of respondents believed they've experienced panic attacks and/or high levels of anxiety
∙ 68.5% stated they experienced depression
∙ 30% reported that they were very likely to or had already reached out for help
∙ 55% didn't believe that there were enough resources or services for musicians

"Writing a song has never made me unhappy... it's the industry, it's the game." - Lauren Aquilina, songwriter

The aforementioned industry professionals in the survey were also surveyed on if the following contributed to making musicians sick or affecting their mental health:

∙ Poor working conditions
∙ A lack of recognition
∙ Physical impacts of a musical career
∙ Being a woman in the industry

Musicians Depressed Stats

Phase two of the study's research included qualitative interviews with 26 musicians. They were asked a handful of questions, including their "working experiences and how they impacted their mental health and general well-being." A few of the findings in this research included working 24/7 due to having multiple jobs, insecurities, and receiving constant critical feedback, among others.

The results of the research concluded that three areas that needed to be changed and updated are education, a code of best practice, and mental health support service(s) for those working in music.

The music industry is a tough industry, and there are a lot of issues that need to be addressed ASAP. Mental health is a serious issue, and musicians and music industry professionals are no exception.

What are some areas that you think need to be addressed in the music industry?

H/T: Music Minds Matter