While the current trajectory of the music industry is quite unclear due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it's times like these we look to thought leaders for some insight. One artist using his platform for good is Protocol Recordings boss Nicky Romero (real name Nick Rotteveel). Today he went on his Twitch account to host an informative live stream of Follow The Protocol Podcast. 

During the stream, which lasted roughly 2 hours, he spoke on the topic of the coronavirus’ impact on the industry and interviewed some of his contemporaries. Of course, in between, he threw down some of his favorite tracks including his latest single "Stay.”

Some of the points he touched upon during his Q&A was how the virus has affected his label including releases, shows, and their finances. He let the viewers know that it has, in fact, had a major impact but how he feels complaining about his current situation in relation to those working in hospitals and police force pales in comparison. He also announced he would be hosting a masterclass in the future. For those wondering when he would be releasing new music, fear not. Rotteveel leaked it would be around 45 days from now.

Next, he held an interview with Essam Jansen the owner and founder of EA Events. He discussed the impact the quarantines have had on his company with all the major show cancellations going on by the orders of the government. They spoke on the disappointment of fans while also dealing with insurance and everything that comes from postponing an event. The major costs that are paid upfront are now gone. It's something this industry hasn't had to face. 

Martin Garrix hopped on the phone later with Rotteveel to share his experience during this tough time. He explained how he's never had this much free time in his life so now that he's locked up at home he's been working on a lot of new music in the studio. That's one positive silver lining for the fans out there, we should expect to get an amazing wave of new music in the near future. 

During this time of isolation and unrest, it's beautiful to see our favorite artists coming together to release content like this to not only entertain but to educate. Please continue to support your artists, both big and small. Stay safe and keep others safe by remaining to self-quarantine and wash your hands. Find more information here.

Watch the full live stream below and on his Twitch account here.  


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