Fans of ODESZA have recently complained of low-quality merchandise offered at the finale pop-up. In posts to a fan club dedicated to the duo, several users complained of fading and overall deterioration after a single wash.

The products mentioned at the time of writing were the loyal t-shirt, barcode hoodie, and the bomber jacket. Purchasers complained that after washing on cold and delicate the merchandise was badly damaged. 


The pop-up took place July 25th-27th at Chinatown in Los Angeles in honor of the duo's final A Moment Apart show. The event description promised "Brand new high-end merchandise" for sale, but fans belonging to the ODESZA Family Facebook group assert that that is not what they received. 

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the duo's final A Moment Apart show took place July 27th at Los Angeles State Historic Park. It featured support from their Foreign Family Collective label artists Big Wild, EVAN GIIA, MEMBA, and Ford.

A spokesperson on behalf of ODESZA was not immediately available for comment.

UPDATE: ODESZA have issued the following statement: 

Hi there, it has come to our attention that our new "LOYAL" shirt from the Los Angeles pop-up shop & shows has a printing defect that causes the shirt to fade when washed. We are truly sorry for this and want to make sure you get a replacement shirt that is printed to the higher standards we expect from our manufacturing partners.

To receive a replacement shirt at absolutely no expense to you, please fill out the form here and upload an image of your shirt by August 25th, 2019.

We'll be in touch after the 25th to update you on the progress of printing and shipping replacement shirts.

Harrison, Clay and Team ODESZA 




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