Oliver Heldens is finally considering releasing his debut album. While the "Take This Chance" producer did not offer any official release date or details for the project, he did mention that later this year or early next year would be his target for the project. 

A debut album is an ambitious endeavor, and a chapter that arrives at different times in an artists' career path. Despite being active for over seven years as a producer, however, that path has not yet been taken by Oliver Heldens. In fact, all of his work has come by the way of singles. 

Heldens may have been able to stave off hungry fans for a number of years, but it seems he is finally ready to embark on an album. In a recent interview, Heldens stated "Since [2018], I've made a lot more new music. I am definitely thinking about my album... An album is usually 12 songs and now I have more than 12 I want to release. So, I definitely want to do an album at some point, maybe at this end of this year or early next year."

Lucky for us, Heldens also mentioned the flow of new singles won't be slowing down anytime soon. 


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