The owners of the New York City apartment complex at 81 Hudson St. have filed a lawsuit against two tenants who allegedly turned their apartment into a nightclub. Occupants Kurt David and Jean Elbaum-David are being accused of regularly hosting disruptive, crowded parties and charging attendees a $100 cover.

According to neighbors, the parties have been regular over the last few weeks, and it is not unheard of for the events to draw an attendance of over 100 people. The situation finally came to a head last weekend after one attendee, a 17-year-old boy, took a tumble down a flight of stairs in the building. Visibly intoxicated, he was taken to New York Presbyterian Downtown Hospital.

Police raided the event, where they found dozens lined up trying to get inside. Kurt David was arrested and charged with violating the state's current pandemic restrictions against large gatherings and for selling alcohol to a minor. Two DJs, a bartender, and another party-goer were also arrested. 

Kurt David (upper left) is accused of turning his New York City apartment into a nightclub.

Kurt David (upper left) is accused of turning his New York City apartment into a nightclub.

The suit also details anecdotes from residents, who cite consistent themes involving loud music blaring into the early hours of the morning, unmasked and rowdy attendees, and trash littered throughout the complex. 

“The landlord has been trying to stop the tenants from holding these dangerous and illegal events for months,” said the landlords' representative Melissa S. Levin. “We are hopeful that our recent filing with the Supreme Court will help our efforts to end the tenant’s disruptive behavior once and for all.”

The suit additionally seeks $10,000 in damages.

Source: New York Post 



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