Pascalis Dardoufas, known to dance music fans as Pascal F.E.O.S., has passed away. The German producer and label head has reportedly died due to his ongoing battle with stomach cancer.

Pascal F.E.O.S. was a pioneer of the sound that became commonly associated with the dance music scene out of Frankfurt, Germany. The combination of trance and techno that shaped the Frankfurt style became a staple of the region in the 1990s. 

Fellow electronic pioneer and close colleague Sven Väth took to social media to honor the late producer's legacy in a heartfelt post, stating, "You have impressed Frankfurt and the rest of the world with your Techno-Trance productions." Under both his Pascal F.E.O.S. moniker and his side-aliases, Sonic Infusion and Resistance D, the techno veteran had several releases on Väth's labels, Eye Q and Harthouse. You can read Väth's full tribute below.

The trailblazing producer additionally started his own label, Planet Vision, and then a sub-label, PV, shortly thereafter. Throughout his multi-decade career, Dardoufas became a champion of both the minimal techno sound and the global tech movement at large.  

At the time of his passing, Pascal F.E.O.S. was just 52 years old. We at send our deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.