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On Saturday night, 120 people gathered at a nightclub in Peru for an unsanctioned dance party. Police then raided the event in an effort to uphold the country's COVID-19 restrictions. Tragically, after witnessing the police presence, attendees formed a stampede that resulted in thirteen deaths. The club only had one door for patrons to enter and exit. 

In a quote obtained by AP News, the President of Peru, Martín Vizcarra, shared his sadness over the loss of life and denounced the organizers of the event. They also go on to report that he is calling for authorities to punish the organizers.

"I feel sorry for the relatives... but also anger and indignation with the business people who organized the event," Vizcarra said.

The news agency is also sharing that some attendees have claimed that there were shots fired and tear gas used during the raid, but the chief of police has denied the allegations. AP reports that at least 23 people were arrested and 15 of them tested positive for COVID-19. The party was "a breeding ground for the transmission of this disease," said Claudio Ramírez, a Health Ministry official.

Credit: AP News