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What's the old saying, don't look a gift horse in the mouth? Looks like Phiso (real name Robert Sargent) is heeding the proverb after sharing a hilarious clip of the legendary stand-up comedian Gilbert Gottfried congratulating him on the release of his new single "Close Combat," which came out earlier this week. In the short clip, which more than likely comes from the popular celebrity shout-out app Cameo, Gottfried pokes some fun at the dubstep producer.  

In the message, the comedian clowns on dubstep, referring to it as a medical condition affecting Sargent's stride. The lighthearted jest begs the question as to whether the Cameo was a hilarious gift from a friend or if the Toronto producer requested it himself. 

This isn't the first time we've seen musicians using the app as a way to promote their new music. Last year Two Friends even got the viral "Andy from Fyre Fest" to do a special shoutout for their Camp SuperDope Tour. By our measure, this is marketing done right.

Sargent gained notoriety with his smash hit "Jotaro" back in 2016. Longtime fans of the producer have been following him since his riddim days, but it wasn't until the feature on Battle Royale Vol. 2 that brought his name to the masses. Since then he's received support from artists across the board, including Virtual Riot and Skrillex simply tweeting out his name. You can catch him live at SVDDEN DEATH Presents: VOYD At The Caverns on March 6th in Pelham, Tennessee.

In the meantime, buy and stream his new single, "Close Combat" here via Black Label Recordings.