After Porter Robinson's latest Nurture tease, his sophomore album is so close, fans can feel it.

Robinson took to social media today to reveal the album's final single, "Musician." His posts also shared what looks to be an anime music video for the song, which will officially arrive on streaming platforms on Wednesday, March 3rd. Check out the clip below and pre-save the track here.

The anticipation of Nurture has bubbled over in recent months. His diehard fanbase has been clamoring for the record since he first announced it in early 2020, and he delivered on the hype with its first singles, "Get Your Wish" and "Something Comforting." He then followed up with the dreamy "Mirror" alongside a stunning mixed media video before unveiling "Look At the Sky."

Back in December 2020, Robinson announced that Nurture was finally complete, telling fans that his follow-up to Worlds is his "favorite music [he's] ever made." In an ensuing interview with Anna Lunoe, he said the album "came after a real kind of emotional and creative low point" in which he found himself "genuinely feeling like [he] was not capable of making music anymore." "I was just extremely stuck. I was really, really depressed," Robinson lamented at the time, explaining that he eventually overcame his depression to produce the album he always dreamed of. "I was feeling a lot of pressure and was really unhappy with everything that I was coming up with."

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Nurture will officially release on April 23rd, 2021. You can pre-order the album here.





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