Just yesterday, it was announced that Martin Garrix would have to pull out of all upcoming shows in the next four weeks. He will need to have surgery due to a severe ankle injury that occurred at the end of last month. Included in the cancellations was a performance at Ultra Korea that takes place this weekend, June 7th-9th. With a top bill performer out so close to the festival date, organizers must have been scrambling. 

Luckily for everyone in attendance and behind the scenes, fan favorite DJ/producer Porter Robinson has stepped in to save the day. He was already scheduled on the lineup under his side-project Virtual Self. Now, he will be performing back to back with himself doing two different sets on the main stage.  

Courtesy of @porterrobinson

Courtesy of @porterrobinson

Virtual Self is an alias Robinson launched in 2017 and his "clubsystem" sets are characterized by more minimal production values. Attendees of this year's festival are in for a treat to be able to witness an artist in both forms. 

The following weekend, Robinson will be performing in Oakland, California for the debut of his Second Sky Music Festival. He will perform the only "Worlds Live" set of 2019 there.


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