Porter Robinson is the sort of artist whose vision transcends not only genres but creative mediums. His Virtual Self brand now extends into the world of fashion as part of a cllaboration with Japanese high-end designer Chloma called "Human-ERROR:Lament."

"Chloma was a huge influence on Virtual Self when I was first developing the project in late 2016," Robinson wrote in a tweet discussing the project's meaning to him. "In 2018, when I met the brand's founder, Junya, he told me that Virtual Self had influenced his latest collection too!"

Each garment included in the limited release ranges from $150-$550. Among them are anoraks, parkas, high-necked tee-shirts and skirts.

In addition to the fashion line, Robinson has announced the release of an artbook titled Virtual Self: UTOPIA Archive. Among other things, it will contain archival and unreleased visuals.

Robinson remains one of EDM's favorite success stories. After Skrillex discovered him he became well known for the electro house sound on his 2011 EP Spitfire before taking his sound in a more diverse and grown-up direction for his 2014 album, Worlds. By 2017, he had shifted gears once more with the launch of his Virtual Self project.

More information on "Human-ERROR:Lament" can be found on the fashion line's website. More information on Virtual Self: UTOPIA Archive can be found on the artbook's website.


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