New South Wales (NSW) Health recently issued a warning against high-strength orange and white MDMA pills known as "Q-Dance" pills circulating around the Australian state. 

Police have seized some of the pills in circulation and launched investigations into the deaths of six young music festival attendees within a thirteen month period. They claim the tragic deaths all resulted from MDMA toxicity or complications arising from excessive MDMA usage. 

The Q-Dance pills contain significantly more MDMA than a "standard" dose, which sits at around 70 to 125mg, according to DanceSafe. Q-Dance pills have been measured at an average of 190mg per pill, according to NSW Health's report. 

High doses of MDMA can lead to health complications, and those complications can be amplified or exacerbated by the use of additional drugs and/or alcohol. A dose like that of the Q-Dance pill can be excessive without the proper precautions being taken. Advocacy group DanceWize NSW has shared NSW Health's report to raise awareness of safe usage practices and precautions. 

Andrew Dawson of the NSW Poisons Information Centre warns, "Consumption of high doses of MDMA has been linked to cases of serious illness and death in NSW. It can cause severe agitation and paranoia, raised body temperature, seizures or fits, heart rhythm problems and death." Tragically, Nathan Tran, Diana Nguyen, Joseph Pham, Callum Brosnan, Joshua Tam and Alexandra Ross-King were among those cases, according to Daily Mail.

H/t: Your EDM