Another chapter has closed for the Tomorrowland fairy tail. The Story of Planaxis has said its goodbye to the beautiful people of tomorrow. 

Tomorrowland took place during two weekends (July 20-22 and July 27-29.) Two weekends full of magic, love, and of course music. For those people who are wanting to revisit those memories, we have great news for you. Sets from both weekends have already been uploaded to Mixcloud for the world to enjoy. The sets can be listened on a computer or on any mobile device as long as you download the free application. Now enough talking, let's get straight to the music. This will be updated regularly more when new sets are uploaded so make sure to stay tuned on Let us know who you think had the best set. 

Oh, and also a huge shout out to Buzz LightyearL37, and wnmfest. You three are the real MVPs right now for uploading these sets for the world to enjoy. 

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