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Fabled English singer Rick Astley has shared a remarkable cover of David Guetta and Sia's timeless dance anthem "Titanium."

Taking to YouTube to share the cover, Astley kicked off the video by rhapsodizing about "Titanium," saying he "absolutely loves" it. "I think it's perfect for right now because we've all got to find something inside us to make us feel a little stronger, and to be able to get through the days that we're going through," he continued.

Perhaps best known for his iconic single "Never Gonna Give You Up," Astley goes on to croon Sia's ageless lyrics with the gravitas of a seasoned vet.

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Thanks to the music video for his 1987 hit, Astley made a roaring comeback in 2007 and catapulted back into the limelight. The video became the subject of a wildly popular meme that led to an infamous Internet phenomenon called "rickrolling," a bait-and-switch prank.

The prankster uses a seemingly normal hyperlink that entices the prankee to click on it, but they are instead led to Astley's music video. Imagine a teacher who shares a folder with his students titled "Final Exam Answers," but they hilariously find this instead:

"Never Gonna Give You Up" has also been used in a litany of live DJ sets to troll the crowd. Check out a video of deadmau5 rickrolling the audience live in New York City in 2017 on April Fool's Day.



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