Earlier this month, Annie Mac announced the launch of a new podcast called "Changes With Annie Mac." "It is all about change, and how change can affect you. How it can completely derail you, knock you for six," she said. "Change the way you look at the world and yourself. How it can define you as a person."

One of Annie's recent guests was none other than famed Swedish singer, DJ, and record producer Robyn, who appeared on the podcast to discuss her experiences in therapy and how certain situations are "drawing a map over your life." The Grammy-nominated dance music treasure, who EDM fans may recognize as the artist behind the iconic disco single "Dancing on My Own," said she was in therapy for six years.

“I felt super vulnerable," she told Annie. "And so I started therapy. It wasn’t even a plan. I just did it like it was some kind of instinct to understand myself a little bit better.”

“And I started really embracing my therapy at that point," she continued. "I think it’s easier to do that when you’re feeling like shit. Psychoanalysis is like a long-term thing."

After a while, Robyn said she started to really embrace therapy and find a sense of "calm."

“I feel like maybe the most important thing that I learned in therapy is to have, like, a calm to figure out really how to calm myself down because, over six years, you have so much time to work through things in a different way,” she said. “You have time to kind of figure out what you do in different kinds of situations and why it’s like drawing a map over your life in a way."

You can listen to the full episode below.