Over the years, hip-hop and EDM have crossed borders with many top rappers being featured with big-name DJs. Think Daft Punk x Kanye West, Skrillex x A$AP Rocky, or DJ Snake x Lil Jon; the list goes on an on. All that aside, it looks as if there are still some diehard hip-hop fans who are not here for the untz untz. One of them holds a position in the social media department for Rolling Loud Music Festival

Earlier this week, Rolling Loud, known as one of the largest hip-hop festivals in the world, took to Twitter to respond to an EDM fan to say this: 

The electronic music fandom took offense to this response and unleashed a fury of comebacks. Many were quick to point out the fact that Rolling Loud is owned by the iconic dance music event company Insomniac. Fans of both genres are battling it out in the comment section, throwing some quality jabs on both sides. Genre on genre crime is in full effect, grab the popcorn. 

Back in 2017, the festival tweeted a shot at EDM music that has since been removed but stated that the genre was trash. Looks as if the company hasn't learned its lesson. 

Rolling Loud will take place this round in Miami May 10th-12th. Find tickets and more information here


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