By the looks of things, Rusko is getting ready to release a wealth of new music in 2020. The U.K. dubstep superstar has shared clips of various works in progress, showing that his creative musings have drawn him to an eclectic range of sounds as of late.

Rusko (real name Christopher Mercer) uploaded seven separate videos apparently recorded while a DAW was open to his Instagram Story. Much of the unreleased music bears his hallmark wonky bass wobbles or saccharine melodies, but one WIP stood out as something of a departure. This festival season, bass house fans may have something to look forward to from the celebrated producer if what looks to be a "Good Vibration" remix is any indicator.

Mercer has not made any remarks indicating whether the songs will appear on a single body of work or arrive as separate releases. Meanwhile, he will perform next at Concord Music Hall in Chicago, Illinois on the evening of February 7th, 2020.