"Halloween 7" sees RL Grime back at his spookiest best.

Bass heads the world over rejoice today as RL Grime has delivered the 2018 installment of his annual Halloween DJ Mix. This time around, he brought along special guests - perhaps the most notable of which being basketball star-turned electronic music act DJ Diesel A.K.A. Shaquille O'Neal. 

"Halloween 7" opens with a tongue-in-cheek monologue delivered by O'Neal. "Come on man, you know I got them bangers," he says. "My stuff sounds like dinosaurs playing laser tag with Elon Musk. They call me the Godzilla gorilla of trap. I need that Halloween 7 love."

The music itself encapsulates the hard-hitting style of bass music for which RL Grime (real name Henry Alfred Steinway) has garnered worldwide renown. "Shout out to Shaq, RL Stine (sic) and Jake Foushee for the drops" reads the accompanying SoundCloud blurb.

Meanwhile, RL Grime continues the North American leg of his tour with a performance tonight, October 26th, at Intrigue Nightclub in Las Vegas.


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