Skream recently expressed his discontent with Riddim in a series of since deleted tweets. The “Midnight Request Line” producer called out those likening it to classic dubstep, a sound that he himself helped pioneer.

Skream (real name Oliver Jones) is widely recognized as an the author of the dubstep genre’s key source material. The earliest dubstep sounds were seen as an evolution of UK garage. Since that time, it has evolved into a broader ecosystem of styles including the “Americanized version” of dubstep that took over the early 2010s. 

Over the last couple years the electronic genre riddim has become prominent and there is a cultural debate as to how the style is impacting the broader dubstep ecosystem. While Jones' recent focus is more so on techno and house, he weighed in on the conversation. 


The producer condemned those likening riddim to the original dubstep sound, going on to simplify riddim as “rhythm with EDM sonics.” Jones went on to shoutout fellow dubstep pioneer Coki as the “Einstein of bad boy bass” further suggesting there is no comparison between riddim producers and the original dubstep purveyors. In fact, Skream quipped riddim may be more aptly called “clownstep."


Though the tweets have since been deleted, if you were hoping for Skream to jump back into dubstep, it doesn't seem like that's likely anytime soon given riddim's long-running influence as the latest bass music craze.