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At 16, most teenagers are worrying about prom dates and chemistry quizzes. But Moore Kismet isn't most people.

The prodigious electronic music virtuoso, who recently became the youngest artist to ever perform at Lollapalooza, has announced that they're working on new music with one of the most iconic producers of their generation. They took to Twitter today to announce that a collab with Skrillex is in the works.

After a fan mentioned the two producers in a tweet (apparently one of many) Kismet could no longer keep the news a secret. "I’ve been asked this like 15 million times, and I was gonna keep this a super secret, but my patience runs thin FAST, so: this is in the works, it sounds crazy, and no, I’m not showing y’all cause it ain’t done yet," they wrote.

In a follow-up tweet, Kismet said the song marks a milestone of sorts. "in all honestly though, this is something that I’ve busted my ass to make happen for a decade," they added, "and to know that it’s a thing that is a thing now just means so much to me. The thought of a six-year-old Kismet making beats and dreaming about a collab with Skrillex is incredible in and of itself, but we digress.

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Unfortunately for fans, that's all the information Kismet offered. The road to Skrillex's long-awaited sophomore album sadly isn't any clearer. The dubstep legend recently confirmed that he's in the process of putting the finishing touches on multiple "bodies of work" after releasing his latest high-profile collab, "Don't Go" with Justin Bieber and Don Toliver. He hasn't released an album since his seminal 2014 debut, Recess.

"I don't like to say too much," Skrillex said, "but I mean, I have some projects, I hate the word finishing, but I have all the songs and I'm just in there tweaking and releasing some singles before I decided to put out the bodies of work."






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