Skrillex took to Instagram to share his version of the wildly popular #passthebeat challenge, teaming up with T-Pain, Charlie Puth, Nick Mira, and Tommy Brown to create an absolute flamethrower of a track that fans are undoubtedly clamoring for.

The number of unreleased IDs Skrillex has on his hard drive is mythical at this point, and every time he teases one, his fanbase is flung headlong into a panic. Throw T-Pain and Charlie Puth into the mix, and he's got a revolt on his hands until the song is officially released.

The beat they all make here is flat out stupefying, as Monroe interlaces velvety vocal chops under Mira's knocking 808s. Puth lays down funky, vocoded vox before T-Pain's infamous yet smooth autotune stylings are brought to the fore, which interlace with all the elements before it all culminates in an atomic bomb of a Skrillex drop. It's a forward-thinking, rip-roaring trap and moombah hybrid that proves Skrillex is still at the top of his game.

As of the time of writing, no release date or additional information have been announced regarding the song in the Instagram post.