After treating fans to several Instagram live sessions over the past couple of days, Skrillex announced that he's opened his own Twitch account for future streaming. Announcing it both on-stream and through an Instagram post, the bass music pioneer explained some of his live stream plans for the future.

In the post, he explained that while it took him a while to set up his account, over the next couple of days he plans on streaming. He also revealed that he wants to start using his platform to raise money for various relief foundations helping the fight against COVID-19.

Fans of Skrillex (real name Sonny Moore) have been ecstatic with the number of updates from the recently quiet artist. Last week, he confirmed the longstanding rumor that he has more than one album in the works by announcing that "the first" of his albums is nearly finished. Days later, he went live with DJ Snake and debuted new music and teased a potential collaboration with the French artist. In case that wasn't enough to get fans' hearts pumping, during another stream he showed off a work-in-progress tune that he would later send to G Jones for a potential collab.