Later this year, London will open its first socially distanced music venue.

The "immersive music event and venue," called One Night Records, is set to open its doors this coming October with its first event, "Lockdown Town." The venue will be located in London Bridge at a secret location only accessible through hidden tunnels.

"We're going to do it safely, but we're going to get people back together and we're going to give them an amazing night," said Tim Wilson, Managing Director of One Night Records, in a press statement. "The social distancing is part of the show so guests won't notice it. We want to give Londoners something to book now and to look forward to." 

The organizers of One Night Records have also instated strict guidelines to help to maintain social distancing policies as well as other rules to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. One Night Records will be increasing ventilation throughout the venue and will require attendees to wear a mask at all times, show up at staggered time slots selected on its website, and will only allow attendees to order food through a drive-thru window. 

One Night Records is planning to host events starting October 2nd, 2020, with their last event scheduled for December 31st. Those interested in attending can or learning more about One Night Records can find tickets and information here