In today's golden age of on-the-go listening and remote mobile working, SoundCloud is keeping up with the times. Earlier today, the music streaming website launched an update for its iOS mobile application, giving users new editing options on their phones. 

Where creators previously had to use the site's desktop version to edit tracks, according to a blog post they can now do it from the palm of their hand. This includes the ability to update artwork, track titles, descriptions, genre and privacy settings. 

SoundCloud's track edit feature on mobile.

SoundCloud is also allowing users to utilize its new Spotlight feature on mobile. The feature, which allows artists to pin tracks to the top of their profiles, was available only on desktop until today. It is still only available for SoundCloud Pro subscribers, who pay $12 a year for additional access to the site. 

In a press release, SoundCloud said this new feature will even allow artists to create playlists of their live sets and pin it to profiles within minutes of hopping offstage. 





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