Remember all those Pokémon cards your mom threw out when you got bored of them? It turns out those could have bought you a Tesla. 

It certainly feels like the 90s again with how much Pokémon has been in the news lately. Always one for pop culture crossovers, Steve Aoki has gone all-in on the craze with his latest charitable endeavor. Next month, he, Gary “King Pokémon, the hosts of Dumb Money, and other prominent figures in the Pokémon community will host a $1 million charity box break event called "Pokémon Saves The World."

For those unfamiliar with box breaks or the trading cards in general, participants will bid on spots in the auction that will represent packs of cards in the sealed boxes. Since the boxes included are from the 90s, they are extremely valuable and can contain cards worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Once the bidding is over, winners will be invited to an invite-only party where the cards will be opened and graded if desired.

The international dance music superstar is teaming up with organizers to raise money for a wide number of charities around the world that cover pediatrics, autism awareness, educational advocacy, and beyond. As you would expect, his charitable organization, the Aoki Foundation is included in this list.

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The "Pokémon Saves The World" event is scheduled for October 9th, 2021 in Las Vegas. The event is invite-only but a livestream will take place from 4 to 6:30PM.

Collectors can bid on items and find more information about the event here.




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