Steve Aoki has penned an open letter with The Walking Dead's Eleanor Matsuura calling for the end of Costco's sale of caged eggs in Asia. Directed to the grocery chain's CEO, W. Craig Jelinek, the actress and EDM star state how caged egg sales violate the company's own animal welfare policy and put Asian customers at risk of food-borne illness. They follow up the second point with links to studies that have shown that caged egg farms have higher rates of salmonella contamination than cage-free facilities.

Caged eggs are not sold in their western stores, but are still on sale in Asia. In a segment of the letter shared by Showbiz Cheat Sheet, the two stars state how Asian customers should be treated the same as their western counterparts and that their current practices are "unacceptable."

Just as others did so eloquently five years ago, we feel the need to speak out today to say what Costco should already know: Asian customers deserve the same level of food safety and quality as customers in the west. And a double standard of touting animal welfare at home but embracing the cruelest factory farming processes abroad is unacceptable.

In the conclusion of the letter, they call upon the company to set an end date for the sale of caged eggs in Asia. Aoki and Matsuura then state that by updating its practices, the company is doing what's best for both its Asian customers and the caged hens. You can read Eleanor Matsuura and Steve Aoki's letter to Costco in its entirety below.