Steve Aoki and Travis Barker have joined forces to make your messages a whole lot louder.

Released yesterday on Messenger were two new soundmojis from the Dim Mak boss and the famed Blink-182 drummer. Aoki has soundtracked the 🤘 emoji with a custom-made airhorn while Barker has unsurprisingly taken on the "drum with drumsticks" emoji with a short drum solo.

For those unfamiliar with Messenger's soundmojis, they are exactly what you think they would be: an emoji paired with sound. Users can pop them into conversations on the platform to add audio to their messages.

In addition to the soundmojis, later in the month Aoki and Barker will be immortalized in an animated sticker pack featuring the duo that can be used in Messenger conversations. A press release shared with revealed that the images will be inspired by their performances and that a sticker depicting Aoki's signature cake toss is included.

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"That Close with Steve & Travis" sticker.

"That Close with Steve & Travis" sticker.

In honor of their new partnership, the duo also recorded a collaborative performance titled That Close with Steve & Travis. The 25-minute episode sees Aoki take the decks with Barker drumming along.

In addition to the medley of songs they share, the video also shows some behind-the-scenes footage of the duo hanging out and recording the show from Aoki's home.

steve aoki travis barker

Steve Aoki and Travis Barker take a pool break while filming “That Close with Steve & Travis,” available on Watch Together via Messenger and Instagram beginning September 15th.

Aoki and Barker's soundmojis are usable now on Messenger and the stickers are set to arrive on Wednesday, September 29th. You can check out their entire That Close performance here.


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