Home to approximately 20% of the world's population, China is by all means a massive and growing market. Couple this with the booming demand for dance music in Asia in the recent past and what we get is a recipe for success which A2LiVE and STORM Festival cracked just right!

STORM festival is Shanghai’s first and China's biggest major international electronic dance music festival featuring top notch artists. With festival headliners like The Chemical Brothers and Axwell^Ingrosso set to headline the two day festival's 2017 edition which kicked off on September 23rd but didn’t end well.

The fury of mother nature however forced the festival to shut its doors earlier than due because of extreme torrential downpour and eminent threats of potential thunder. In addition to the headliners, the lineup was stacked with stellar acts like Marshmello, Kygo, Mija, Jauz, Carnage and a ton more! STORM Festival in its fifth year now isn’t only the most dominant and successful festival in China but also the first Chinese music festival to expand overseas, hosting a festival in Sydney, Australia.

Proving and establishing itself as a pre-eminent force on the electronic music festival in Asia, the festival’s other-worldly back-story, signature stage designs, and its narrative-driven production has become a huge hit with all attendees.

After the excessive downpour, which apparently forced The Chemical Brothers to stop their set prematurely due to their equipment “getting flooded” and from the looks of it and social media comments, Axwell^Ingrosso never had a chance to take to the stage for their set due to the incremental weather.

H/T: Your EDM