SVDDEN DEATH pulled off an uncommon stage trick during his set at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles. During the show, SVDDEN DEATH (real name Danny Howland) surprised attendees when he levitated above the stage in the middle of a ring of fire visual backdrop.

The seemingly supernatural moment caught everyone off guard including fellow producer Ray Volpe, who was in attendance and caught it on video. 

In the clip Howland appears to rise above the stage, suspended by wires briefly as a visual ring of fire blazes in the background. The symbol is a staple of Howland's VOYD Sets, which are tailored more towards the darker flavors of his dubstep productions. The stunt came in the middle of his performance of "Terrible," a cut from the producer's recent VOYD Vol. 1.5 release. 

The onstage stunt will surely not be the last for Howland. In fact, he already has his next unique show announced for March 6th, where he is planning to take his VOYD set underground. The sold out show titled SVDDEN DEATH Presents: VOYD At The Caverns will take place in Pelham, Tennessee.