Being that he pioneered the future house genre and has provided a platform for innovative artists the world over, it seems surprising that Tchami hasn't released a studio-length album by now. By the looks of things, that's about to change in the near future.

The French DJ/producer and Confession label boss shared the announcement in no uncertain terms. He took to Twitter to let fans know that his first-ever longform work as a solo artist will be his "next project."

Songs like "Promesses" and "Adieu" played no small role in cementing the legacy of Tchami (real name Martin Joseph Léonard Bresso) over the course of the EDM decade. After launching Confession in 2015, he's signed forward-thinking music by the likes of ANGELZ, Malaa, Brohug and Jace Mek. By the looks of things, he may also have a JOYRYDE collaboration in the works.

Bresso has yet to announce a title, release date, tracklist, or any other information for his debut album at the time of writing. He will continue the Elevation North America Tour with a February 25th performance at The Bluestone in Columbus, Ohio.

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