A judge has granted a temporary restraining order to a Los Angeles woman following her accusations of grooming, emotional abuse, and intimidation—among other allegations—against Diplo.

The woman's attorney, Lisa Bloom, requested the restraining order after the plaintiff accused the famed DJ and music producer of disseminating a sexually explicit photo of her as an act of "revenge porn" that was "designed to humiliate her and to scare other women out of coming forward." According to a report published by NBC News, the order requires Diplo to remove any explicit pictures previously posted and refrain from posting more unless he's given written permission.

Diplo's attorney Bryan Freedman denied the allegations, asserting that his client "in no way ...violated any law," before expounding his claims in a statement to NBC News. "There is a mountain of evidence as to why her outrageous claims should not be believed — and we look forward to having our opportunity to present them to the court," Freedman said, adding that the woman has been harassing Diplo's family. "[Diplo] has repeatedly made it clear that he wants nothing whatsoever to do with this person — and simply needs her ongoing harassment of his family to end."

According to legal filings, the woman, whose full name is withheld to protect her identity, first met Diplo in 2014. At the time, she was 17 and he was 36. The court documents state that the two started an intimate relationship and, years later, began to exchange sexually explicit images, which the woman trusted Diplo to keep private. The documents also reveal that she accused him of recording a sexual encounter even though she told him not to. She eventually went public with her allegations on Twitter, writing that the DJ hired a private investigator to contact her in an attempt to "scare" her into silence and refrain from sharing "disgusting details" she knew about him.

In a statement provided to The Daily Beast, Bloom said that she is in contact with three other women who have similar allegations against Diplo. "We are happy to speak for free and confidentially to any girls or women who also may have something against Diplo," she said. "We have spoken to a number of them so far and we’re continuing our investigation."

Source: NBC News



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