1. All 17 Tomorrowland stages have something special, and nothing was rattled off.

First of all, the weather, the atmosphere, and the overall quality of the festival were insane. It is amazing to see that all 17 Tomorrowland stages are on point and include something special. Many festivals choose to invest the majority in their mainstage, but at Tomorrowland there is so much more than just the mainstage. The huge indoor Freedom stage with the huge LED panels on the walls and ceiling, the Rose Garden with its moving dragon, the Arch is floating on the water with a huge fountain behind it, and the Mushroom [Youphoria] stage just looks pretty dope. Because of this, you do not constantly walk around with the idea you are missing out on the mainstage show, because the other stages have their own specialties as well. Check out the stages in the gallery below!

2. Dua Lipa tweeted she was the first woman to play Tomorrowland.

Dua Lipa was invited by Martin Garrix to do a 45-minute performance at his STMPD RCRDS takeover of the Organ of Harmony stage, after which she also join him during his set. After that, Dua Lipa tweeted she was the “First ever international female artist to play Tomorrowland!!!” Coincidently, Nora En Pure played the Mainstage in the afternoon, and Nervo just finished their 2,5 hour set at their own Nervo Nation stage. In the years before, multiple other women already played Tomorrowland, including Alison Wonderland who also used Twitter to remind people of it. However, during her show, Dua Lipa mentioned she is “the first ever Pop-act to play at Tomorrowland.” The tweet could therefore very well be a tiny mistake, but obviously not without causing some fuss.

3. Martin Garrix apparently did not want to be streamed.

After Dua Lipa’s show, the live stream on the Organ of Harmony stage suddenly stopped, and the huge number of fans at home were left behind disappointed about missing out on Martin Garrix’s set. Fortunately, he was also closing Tomorrowland’s Mainstage the day after, but again the live stream stopped right before his set. Therefore the whole closing of the Mainstage at weekend one could only be witnessed on site. It is quite a strange decision, but Martin already mentioned on his Facebook that his Mainstage set from next week will definitely be streamed. 

Atmosphere stage

Atmosphere stage

4. The Atmosphere stage was breath-taking and perfectly made for Techno.

Another thing the fans at home missed out on was the newly designed Atmosphere stage, which has not been streamed either. The design included a huge 32-meter high tent with lights all over its ceiling, which generated great visual support for the acts. While Q-Dance hosted their stage on Saturday, the take-overs from Adam Beyer [on Friday] and Dave Clarke [on Sunday] proved that their true Techno beats and the stage design were a match made in heaven, judging from the standing ovation that lasted for about 15 minutes after these legends ended their sets.

5. Avicii tributes were all over the place at Tomorrowland.

The first weekend of Tomorrowland showed once again that the EDM scene has not forgotten the Swedish DJ, who passed away earlier this year. The organization kicked things off themselves by setting up a small monument with a picture at the Tomorrowland bridge. A multitude of DJs also played one of his tunes as a tribute, including fellow countrymen Steve Angelo and Axwell /\ Ingrosso. On top of that, the Swedish visitors unfolded a huge Swedish flag with a print of Avicii above the crowd at the Mainstage, during the set of Avicii’s good friend Nicky Romero

Avicii tribute @ Tomorrowland mainstage

Avicii tribute from the Swedish fans @ Tomorrowland

While we are desperately waiting for Tomorrowland’s weekend 2 to kick-off, we leave you with one last bonus thing that caught our attention this weekend. 

Bonus. The behavior of one of the Mainstage acts better suits the stage on mushrooms [or not stage at all?]. 

Most artists try to make their Tomorrowland performance extra special by asking the crowd to turn on their phone lights or to put their flags up in the air. Others try to get attention by... Ehm, by doing things differently. Salvatore Ganacci is one of the guys who thought about doing things differently, and it is quite an understatement to say he succeeded that part. Previously he told the people in the crowd to "try to relax your anus,” but this weekend he managed to take things to another level. The question is whether it will further support his career as a DJ, or he will only receive bookings for at weddings. What do think it will be after watching the compilation made by BE-AT TV?