Ultra Music Festival has been in the headlines more than normal due to all the mystery behind the current possible venue change the festival might face. It has only been a week since the announcement of Bayfront Park charging another million on top of the current 1 million that is already requested to rent out the venue. Making that a total of 2 million dollars to rent out the park. Many fans have sparked concern if that was the case then how would that affect ticket sales? Early bird tickets for the festival went on sale for those who registered on Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. EST. Both Tier 1 and Tier 2 prices already have seen an increase in price with Tier 2 Early Bird tickets totaling to $455.00 after fees. The service fee alone is almost $100 which is about a $10 jump from previous years. However, the price change has not affected sales at all because both Tier 1 and Tier 2 Early Bird tickets have officially sold out within minutes.


The size of the festival has started to get a lot bigger than what the venue can actually hold. Residents from the city who live around the park have voiced their concerns about the noise, people, and overall safety. In the Official Ultra Music Festival Group on Facebook, a group member has shared a photo of a town hall meeting that is being hosted on Thursday at City Hall to discuss the future of Bayfront Park and Ultra. This type of meeting is not anything new to Ultra and usually happens almost every year but with the latest changes, such as making the switch from hardcopy tickets to wristbands, next year might be the year Ultra finally see's a venue change. 


Something to also keep in mind about a possible venue change is the current festival promoting Ultra 2019. Take a look at the upper right-hand corner. It say's "Miami_Florida." In past flyers for the festival, it reads clear as day "Bayfront Front Park Downtown Miami, FL." It seems a bit strange as to why the actual location of the festival is not being advertised yet? 


It is still too early to tell just exactly what will happen to Ultra Music Festival. The festival has been hosted at four different locations before, one of those being Bayfront Park. In 2006, Ultra Music Festival was moved to Bicentennial Park from Bayfront Park due to the overwhelming amount of people. Then in 2012, the festival was moved back to Bayfront Park for the first time since 2005 because of the construction going on at Bicentennial Park. So, if Ultra Music Festival does change venues, this would be the first time in over seven years, Ultra would see a brand new venue. Now, none of this has been confirmed, however, it seems like the possibility is now higher than ever before especially since the price to rent out the park just went up as well. Only time will tell. #Ultra2019

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