Rik Burt, a fan in the UK, has created a massive Christmas light display synchronized to the sounds of The Prodigy. Decorated in honor of the late Keith Flint, his home was decked out with Christmas lights in various shapes and forms. 

The lights were programmed in a way that brings life to The Prodigy classics like "Omen," "Firestarter," and more. As reported by Essex Live, the display was also created to support Farleigh Hospice in memory of Burt's late grandmother. In an interview with the local news outlet, he spoke on how much the hospice organization did for him and his family. In his own words:

"When Nan got her diagnosis, she said from the start that she didn't want any treatment. She had her life and didn't want to go through the pain of surgery. She said no to treatment and went down hill quite rapidly.

Farleigh Hospice were amazing - they managed to get her a bed as soon as things went wrong, they were by her bedside and nothing was too much trouble for them. They made sure she was comfortable and it was a beautiful place." 

For information on how to donate to Farleigh Hospice, you can head over to Burt's crowdfunding page here.



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